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Startup Grind is a global community of  1,000,000 entrepreneurs  . It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, and is active across 200 cities in 98 countries around the world.

Startup’s values are to Give First, Make Friends and Help Others. Their entrepreneurial membership benefits by learning from the best, sharing what works, and acting as a mastermind community, par excellence.Here you will find some reason why you should attend the monthly events of startup grind in khartoum :

1)A global community you can trust

Startup Grind’s community is made up from  1,000,000 founders in over 200 cities and 85 countries. Though it is the largest independent startup community in the world, it’s also a very close-knit one. Its members are actively involved in the community in many different forms. Events, media, and professional partnerships with entrepreneurial organizations are just some of the ways through which Startup Grind brings like-minded people together to share ideas, discuss a variety of topics, and generally foster discussions about the startup community.

2)Fail forward

The stories that come out of Startup Grind can be unexpected but totally inspirational. That hour fireside chat can completely change someone’s world, just by hearing that a successful entrepreneur was once in the same place as you with the same struggle and overcame it by doing x, or failed miserably by doing y.

3)Help and get help

Startup Grind is here to help. Plain and simple. This is why at each event, if you are struggling or simply need help with something specific, you have 30 seconds to pitch, and help will come! Also, if you are doing something awesome that the community should know about, please share it with the others, you never know how many doors you can open.

4)The Networking

We are not a massive conference, we are an intimate group of talented and approachable people. Have extra questions for the speaker? He will be hanging around before and after the fire-side chat. Don’t know anybody and are an introvert? The organizers will actively introduce everyone to multiple people.Whether you go to find new partners, investors or customers, you will expose your brand to your market. You may get the chance to give a “Startup Pitch” on the main stage because you are one of the lucky ones selected. In any event, you will, then, be able to use everything you learn to enhance your brand even more, after you return home.

5)Get your foot in the startup scene

If you are looking to launch a company, looking for an idea, looking to form a team or, are simply fascinated by the startup world, Startup Grind is the place to be. People at all levels of their career and with the most diverse expertise attend our events, so this is you chance.

The local event that being hosted locally by IEC sudan on monthly basis that trying to build community of entrepruners in sudan and helping shapping the eco-system . The next event will be held in collaboration with impact hub Khartoum . Dont forget to get your tickets , limited number of seats available .

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