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IEC universities communities project started at 2014. Project main purpose is to build small communities  inside universities in order to promote entrepreneurship between students.


  • Inspire student to creative and innovator thinking.
    Transform ideas of graduation projects into real businesses that generate revenue.
  • Provide students with basic skills of Entrepreneurship.
  • Contribute in solving the social problems and replenishing the economy.
  • Link student with local and international  market.


  • Started with two universities, Omdurman Islamic university and Sudan university.
  • 4 days workshops organized at Omdurman Islamic university and 2 days at Sudan university to sprite the awareness about Entrepreneurship.


  • 4 event and 12 workshops  were organized at  4 universities ( Omdurman Islamic university and Sudan university in addition University of Khartoum and university of Bahri)  in deferent universities and more than 60 volunteers.
  • Two large scale competitions organized at Omdurman Islamic university and Sudan university.


  • 600 students reached and introduced to entrepreneurship.
  • Ahfad university for women IEC community established.
  • 4 events organized during GEW 2016, during which 16 workshops in different topics and fields (engineering – management – computer science).
  • AIN Competition for innovation space hosted by Ahfad university for women. 5 projects participated and winners represented Sudan in AINAC  Jordan – December 2016.


  • Alzaeem Elazhary University IEC community establishment is on progress.