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Medical Innovation is a new movement to accelerate cure, change and empower the access to health for all. This Medical Innovation Symposium puts the spotlight on health because it offers both huge challengers in our society as well as great business potentials. Our goal is to bring health care community, designers, IT profiles and entrepreneurs to facilitate the formation of new ideas. We aspire to overcome challenges of health system in Sudan ranging from the high burden of communicable and non communicable diseases to economic constraints, poverty and regional disparities .Climatic factors resulting in natural disasters. There is a new social entrepreneurial movement afoot, which seeks to find cures to some of the world’s most challenging diseases. Medical Innovation is, in our view, the very best hope we have for accelerating the pace of finding medical cures. Our reach Medical Innovation is a New Movement to Accelerate Cures.

“Medical innovation should start with empowering the patient with awareness and information for better health care.” –Bhaskar Chakravoti

“40% of the people in Sudan do not have access to primary health care. There are opportunities to reach this segment through mobiles and technology to educate them how to get personal and primary health care.” -Dr. Amjad Mohammed Idries, an experienced public health professional

This was a meeting of the great medical minds of Sudan hosted by Doctors Anmar Homeida and Inas Ali at the ministry of higher education. Over 200 attendees were there to listen to speeches by professionals in the fields of pharmacy, public health, and health insurance on the following topics:

  • What does health care transformation mean? What is Innovation’s Role?
  • Enabling transformation: great health care challenges pitching.
  • Achieving Medical Innovation: Panel session of 6 Speakers about access to innovation, health care investment opportunities in Sudan, state of health care innovation in Sudan and the region, focusing on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Faster adoption of best practices through education and training.
  • Addressing heath care costs in Sudan: drug access, Costs and Innovation.
  • Health in our Own Hands: Using Technology for population Management and to Manage Risk and Costs of health care consumers
  • My Leadership Journey by Prof. Erika.