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Generally, the event was divided into 2 main sessions the first one under title “Difficulties facing Sudanese Young entrepreneurs”, general discussion from Local Entrepreneurs about current difficulties in Sudan (that is why invitation sent to different startups from different backgrounds) addressing challenges & experiences that they had & their roles. 
Session was moderated by Mazin Merghani . He interviewed  young entrepreneurs already having their own businesses as :

  1. Ahmed Darwish (GM , Darwish Bros (burger Joint, Munchies , Neima) .
  2. Mohamed Hashim Untimahil (Tenchologya/iVents).
  3. Khanas Elhag (Africa Beauty).
  4. Wafa elamin (founder of zol and zola club).
  5. Mohamed Ahmed (founder of e–marketing Co) .

After the first session , two experiences been highlighted about local and  global fund. The 1st one addressed access to  local fund which been presented by Mr.Ali Amin (GM of Irada Microfinance , Bank of Khartoum ) .
The 2nd one presented by Ahmed Sufian , Regional Manager of Techstars , Techstars  experiences from MENA : including Egypt , Surya, lebanon &  Jorden and also giving feedback on his journey within the week with young Sudanese entrepreneurs .Ahmed moderated the 2nd Panel which was discussion about Key Players in Building eco-system including sudan’s Organizations, incubators & accelerators & Co-working spaces that already working in the field . the panal contained :

  1. Mutaz MohamedIEC. 
  2. Ayman ElmusbahSudan Startup Hub.
  3. Osama IbrahimMashrouy , British council.