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The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Sudan has had its ups and downs over the years, and the entrepreneurial activity wasn’t meeting the desire of most of Sudanese entrepreneurs – it was significantly isolated from the global entrepreneurship movement.

But in 2014, a small group of active and very dedicated young Sudanese, broke the silence and introduced Sudan to the world, through the largest entrepreneurship network, by organizing the first Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sudan. Although it was humble start, with very few activities and partners, it activated the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan, and GEW Sudan was nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award by GEW Global in Italy during the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

The effect showed in 2015, when GEW Sudan witnessed a remarkable leap – GEW emerged in five regions of Sudan, six universities, more than 10 partners from governmental bodies, large companies to community and nonprofit organizations. Even schools participated in the largest entrepreneurial activity in Sudan last year. GEW Sudan 2015’s fingerprint was significant, it opened a window for at least 10 Sudanese entrepreneurs to participate in international competitions and events around Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, the United States and Colombia. Highlight achievements of the year included sending a high-profile Sudanese delegate to the 2016 GEC in Colombia, with the North African Champion of Get in the Ring pitch competition from Sudan made it to final selection rounds, and receiving the Zero Hunger Award of the Future Agro Challenge pitch competition for another Sudanese participant.

GEW Sudan continues to grow even more this year, with its theme, “Unleash Your Potentials,” including quality new partners, and quite a good number of GEW core feature events: the same unique global events like Future Agro Challenge, Startup Weekend, Get In The Ring , and  Startup Grind. In addition to tremendous amount of locally designed events in a full seven days, GEW Sudan 2016 has come to match and fulfill the needs of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem in most of the Sudanese regions.

For more information on GEW Sudan 2016, visit their website, or follow their activities on Facebook.

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