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After the huge success for GEW Sudan 2015, the entrepreneur’s community in Sudan started to grow rapidly. The community is expecting enormous celebration and real movement for entrepreneurial activities in Sudan, because it will be happening in different cities in Sudan. Our mission in GEW 2016 is to connect Sudan with the global Entrepreneurship community and create opportunities for Startups and entrepreneurs in different stages, starting from the ideation stage to the well-established companies. For IEC, GEW 2016 is more than just a celebration, we see it as a chance to attract more participants to our community and educate them about entrepreneurship as a tool to address our challenges and find the solutions, in order to build a real ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and job creators.

Start … connect … Impact

 Since the first day, when IEC idea was founded our goal was to increase the awareness of its targeted beneficiaries with entrepreneurship, and to build world class community driven by innovation, we believe we are doing great in achieving this goal and we are ready to take our goal to the next level. It’s time for. It’s time for our entrepreneur’s ecosystem to get connected with the global entrepreneurship bionetwork, and IEC Sudan is honored to be the arm to do this mission. In order to create a real impact in our community and contribute to the challenges our country is facing.

Unleash your potentials


Is our theme for GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK Sudan 2016. In IEC we see GEW as a big celebration to motivate our community, to Start thinking and creating new ideas. We see it as a big chance for entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs, either locally or globally. All this efforts together will make us capable to make a real Impact.