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Why sponsor us?

By sponsoring our activities you are not only supporting individuals or certain sector, but you are choosing to be partner in the sustainable and long lasting development in Sudan. It’s a great opportunity to link your brand with an actual community of innovators and activists in entrepreneurship.

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Sponsors Benefits:

    • Platform Adoption | Get Your Product in the Hands of Innovators.
    • Opportunity | to Provide a Compelling and Valuable Prize for Teams at some of the events.
    • Major reach | We Have One of the World’ Largest Global Communities of Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Your Reach For Advertising And Marketing Opportunities Extend On A Local And Global Level.
    • Validation | Reach Entrepreneurs, and enthusiastic youth and already active and valid business owners From a Variety of Industry Backgrounds (Developers, Designers, Business, Teachers, and Architects Etc.) Who Could Contribute To Your Platform And Use Your Services.
    • Value Proposition for our Partners | Support Local Entrepreneurship, Authentically Associating Your Brand with The Most Intense Period of Innovation All Year and Supporting Growing Community of Change makers.
    • Exposure | Hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Mentors, Investors, Influencers, Interacting With and Proliferating Your Brand around the Region and the Country.
    • Engagement | Not Only Do We See Heavy Social And In-Person Engagement From Individuals And Teams Around The World, We Take It A Step Further And Let You Engage Directly With The Community. Sponsors Are Welcome to Come as Speakers, Attendees, Coaches And More.
    • Media Exposure | By partnering with us not only will you get local exposure through our marketing channels but also globally through GEW global media network.

Check our sponsorship packages for more details.