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Outside the Barrel | By Eng. Aia Abul-Haj

Renewable energy is our bright alternative and shine future, but what is it? in this workshop you will learn all about what renewable energy is, and its different types, how it can be change the future and our communities. then you know options available in the world of solar power, looking at how technology has changed and where it is headed. all in practical and interactive way.


Can we arabize korean innovation journey? | By Dr.Husam Amran

من نقاط القوة عندها فنهضت بسرعة كبيرة وبشكل مستدام. وسيتم التركيز على الكيفيات والآليات والسياسات المرتبطة بالتكنولوجيا والابتكار وكيف كان دورها محورياً في هذه القصة الملهمة التي ما زال العالم يتفاعل معها وتحاول الدول النامية الاستفادة منها . ونحن في دولنا العربية نأمل أن نتمكن من تعبيد طريقنا الخاص النهضوي المبني على العلم والابتكار كما فعل أجدادنا في السابق ، فسيتم تشكيل فرق عمل في نهاية الورشة تمثل دول أو كيانات عربية لتحويل الدروس المستفادة الى أحلام أوبذور مشاريع نهضوية أولية نكسر فيها الحواجز مستلهمين الحكمة أنّا وجدناها ، ومستخدمين في التحليل كل حالة حسب ظروفه


By a word | By Suhaib Al-Khawaldah

According to the latest scientists and researchers; communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. Throughout primary school, it is easy to be the student who sits in the back of the classroom and avoids raising his or her hand to dodge such situations. But in the working world, public speaking is a vital skill to have and to hone. It effects simple, everyday interactions between coworkers, bosses and employees, marketing professionals and clients, etc., and it can have an enormous impact on your career path and your level of success in your industry. This course has been designed to give every one the opportunity to:
1- to be skilled in persuasion and win over the crowed.
2. To gain the power to motivate his or her audience to do something, stop doing something, change a behavior, or reach objectives.
3. The ability to inform is one of the most important aspects of public speaking.


Bring your idea to the market | By Dr. Omar Sakr

While many of us would have ideas for business ventures, only few of those can really hit the market. The "Business Model Canvas", is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. This workshop aims to introduce audience from scientific background as well as other backgrounds to the notion of “converting your ideas into a successful business”. Such knowledge is essential in spreading the entrepreneurial spirit among Arab innovators at early stage of their lives and would bring to our countries a generation that is more capable of launching new businesses. The workshop will run on two parts:
1- Discussion of the 5 Myths preventing scientists from becoming entrepreneurs.
2- Practical workshop on utilizing the "Business Model Canvas" to build some business models from attendees ideas.


Meet the breakers | By Amira Alaa & Amina Emad

سوف تبدأ ورشة العمل بمقارنة بين حواجز وتحديات القرن العشرين والقرن الواحد والعشرين، ومنها سوف نستعرض قصص نجاحات لأشخاص تمكنوا من كسر الحواجز ومواجهة التحديات على مر القرنين العشرين والواحد والعشرين ومنها ستتم مناقشة عامة عن المهارات والسمات المشتركة لدى كل كاسري الحواجز على مر التاريخ. وبعدها سوف يبدأ الحاضرين بعرض حواجزهم الشخصية والمجتمعية مع ايجاد حلول لكسرها . وسوف يتم هذا من خلال نموذج تخطيطي لكسر الحواجز والتحديات سوف يتم توزيعه على الحضور.


3D Printing 101 | By Mohammed Misto

This workshop aims to teach and educate people about the 3D Printing and how to use this technology in their life and give them the enough knowledge to unleash their Ideas by using this type of knowledge of 3D Printing.


Innovation by design | By Amal Dokhan

The session will be in an interactive and practical style with high engagement from the audience. We will go into a journey of understanding design thinking as a process and will introduce few tools that the attendees can use after leaving the session.