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Women entrepreneurship day was on the sixth day of GEW 2016. It celebrated female entrepreneurs, and acted as the final stage of the “Sudania” competition which featured over 100 projects by young female entrepreneurs. Sudania 2 by Hajer Mohamed Hassan – Founder of Sudania campaign that aims to empower Sudanese females – was premiered to highlight the projects that were part of the competition as part of a music video that aims to show the world the Sudanese woman as an entrepreneur.

The founder of Sudania Hajer Mohamed Hassan spoke about the vision of her organization; changing the way Sudanese women are viewed as entrepreneurs by giving more recognition to their achievements. The projects ranged from industrial design, recycling, environmental improvement, and animal production to fashion design and leather works. The products of these projects were showcased throughout the evening and captured media attention.

The Projects were evaluated by a panel of judges and the three finalists were chosen. The winning project was an electronic application that is concerned with agricultural classification by Razaz El-Fatih, this project was awarded 15 thousand Sudanese pounds from the Sudanese microfinancing company. In a beautiful show of support from the guests in the audience from the association of banks and microfinancing companies for Sudanese women all the

projects that took part were provided with financing help and full training programs to help them develop further and take a step closer to their goals.