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As regular startup weekend events that runs in over 120 countries around words as a 54 hours competition start by contribute on event through registering to participate as one of three categories: Business, Developer or designer that reach 280 participants with over 60 Ideas that filtered to 24 teams. What was new this year is the new event that merged with main event which called “Startup Junior” by contribution of 5 mid & High school to be part of those teams and to participate to build their own business.

The event start on 19th of November at Khartoum (Capital City of Sudan). 127 participants were selected from 280 of applicants to enter SWKH after many stages of elimination and 40 applicants as juniors.

First of day of SWKH more than 55 ideas have been pitched and around 24 ideas selected to enter the final competition and by end of the night 24 teams been formed.

On the second and final days teams were working so hard to get their MVP and business models ready with the mentors help. Facilitator presented a design thinking small workshop to build a collaboration and work engagement between teams to build a tight understand for juniors and team members.

The energy and competition on those days specifically were high on many levels; between participants of SWKH and on a wider level between Khartoum and all the cities that had been running Startup Weekends at the same time specially Startup Amman – Jorden.

On the last day the doors were open again to the audience. The show contained several sections starting with a motivational speech followed by the final presentations, coffee breaks. Watching the final presentations was very pleasant to everyone especially those who got to see the first day pitching, because of the fair improvements that were put onto the selected ideas despite all the limitations; time and technology due to the sanctions enforced to Sudan.

By the end of the 3rd day’s night the results came out to announce the winning teams to be Nas4Nas, STT and Movable orderly, yet the best that happened was pretty much when some of the VIPs promised to fund some of these startups.

SWKH has shown how this generation of young Sudanese with the mindset, skills and dedication they have can and will develop the country if they received the needed guidance and support.


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