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The event took place on (3rd 5th September) at Mamoun Behery Center where 75 participants, 17 mentors, 4 judges and about 230 visitors were welcomed on the first day to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of SW Social Innovation. The night started with a keynote speech presented by an entrepreneurship trainer Mrs. Fatima Elsanousi on the topic Social Entrepreneurship, followed by ideas pitching, the voting and closed by announcing the best ideas to enter the competition and teams forming.

On the second day, teams started working on building the blocks of their business models, the development and the design of their final products with the assistance of the mentors all through the first half of day three. During the second day, a speech given by one of the mentors Mr.Nazim Sirag, Assistant of Operation General Manager, was planned on the break time.

The Closing Ceremony on the last day was also started with a keynote speech delivered by Dr. Izzeldien Kamil Amin, former General Director of NTC and founder of EBS (Electronic Banking Services). Then final presentations were set out to compete over which startups win the top three places. 25 ideas were presented in front of the judging panel, the VIP guests headed by the Minister for Social, more than 250 visitors, the mentors and their fellow participants. 25 ideas that introduce diverse solutions concerning the community overall, from inventions that support amputees, to improving the NGOs functioning methods, to rural workers support and some are as big as concerning the national economic.

By the end of the night, the judges had made their decision to announce the top three winning teams.