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We were all born creative, talented, and capable of innovation. However, societies and education, among others, have built many barriers around us; limiting progress and preventing development. AINAC 2017 celebrates breaking barriers to take a step towards a creative mind, an individual thinker and an advanced society. AINAC 2017 will be held in collaboration with a number of international industries from a range of sectors, including: healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.
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Certified Workshops
International Competitions
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What to expect?

The conference activities are designed to explore barriers and how to break them. We focus on how to build bridges between challenges and solutions, different cultures, and our thoughts and actions.
  • Listen to inspiring keynote speakers giving real world examples of breaking barriers, turning challenges into opportunities, and offering their recipe for success.
  • Share your bright new ideas in front of experts during the AAINnovation Spaces Competition, and win a fully paid two-month internship at QMIC. Demonstrate what barriers you faced and how you overcame them.
  • Participate in hands-on Certified Workshops from world leading institutions.
  • Compete in one of the AIN Corporate Challenges, where applicants from the Arab World are grouped into teams of three to develop a solution for a corporate challenge, and win a fully paid internship.
  • Network and explore opportunities at the AINcom Exhibition.
Inspiring keynote speakers
AAINnovation Spaces Competition
Certified Workshops
AIN Corporate Challenges
AINAC 2017 is organized in collabration with AIN, a volunteer-run initiative that aims to foster innovation in the Arab World by encouraging youth to direct their knowledge, skills, and resources towards industry-relevant innovation. AINAC will be the opening event of Global entrepreneurship week Sudan 2017. To know more about AINAC2016 Follow it on Facebook and Twitter or you can register here!